Empowering children around the world
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"Three requirements of big dreams" by Tim Elmore. Interviews with Poppy Starr Olsen, Hilde Lysiak, Brandon and

"Bravery in asking for help" by Jared Wolf. Courage stories by Sarah Stump, Tessy Ojo, Jaylen Arnold,

Interviews with Justine Flynn, Mallory Fundora, Nancy Lublin, Katie Driscoll. "The story of a young abolitionist" by

"Cultivating self-motivation in children" by Ken R. Canfield PHD, Kathy Walker OAM, Tim Elmore and Brian O'

"Tips for building integrity in children" by C. William Pollard and Claire Rogers. "Icebergs and ice cubes"

"Money lessons all kids should know" by Nikki Bush, Robin Taub and Nqobile Moyo. Interviews with young

"Is every kid supposed to be a leader?" by Tim Elmore. "Community service ideas and tips for

"Tips for instilling a sense of purpose in children" by Nancy Lublin, Tim Elmore, Tessy Ojo, Alice

"Connecting with family" interviews with Nikki Bush, Dr. Justin Coulson, Rachel Macy Stafford, Greg Fleming, Carey Casey.

"Everything is possible" by Sheri Brynard, Anthony Ianni and Sarah Stump. "One great way to affirm your