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It’s true story … Who I am today is the result of someone’s act of compassion. Because many years ago, someone decided to sponsor me and my siblings so we could continue our study.

Today when I see my own life, I feel grateful because I can have a good family, a good education, decent meals, clean water, a roof to sleep under, and the list goes on. So in this busy holiday season, as we buy gifts for our friends and families, why don’t we also give a gift of hope to those who are in need.

It may be a simple meal for an elderly person across the street, or a goat for a family in Africa. Whatever you do, no matter how big or small, I’m sure it will never be forgotten and have a long lasting impact in their lives.


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To purchase, click on any of these gifts below:


Lamb | World Vision Australia

This little lamb is a helper for a struggling family. Sheep’s milk is a great source of calcium. And as the flock grows, sheep can be shorn for wool to sell for income.

School in a box | UNICEF

A portable way to ensure children continue to learn during times of crisis and conflict, or in the hardest to reach areas. The box contains books, pencils, erasers and scissors and even a wind-up solar radio, while the aluminium lid of the box doubles as a blackboard.

Pencils | World Vision Australia

In poor communities, schools struggle to provide pupils with the most basic of learning tools. A gift of pencils means kids can begin to write, draw and dream their way to a brighter future.

Shoot the skies book | Tanner Wendell Stewart for A21

A 2013 daily photo project by an Emmy Award winning photographer. 100% of the profits going to The A21 Campaign to raise awareness and abolish Human Trafficking.

Footballs | UNICEF

Six leather footballs for children in refugee camps and other neglected corners of the world.

Botanical mint & spring flowers body wash 500ml | ThankYou

Every bottle helps provide access to hygiene and sanitation programs for someone in need.

Paper bowl | Mercy House Kenya

This beautiful handmade paper bowl is made from recycled magazines by the young mothers, who reside at Mercy House Kenya.

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