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My family book – free printable

Download this free “My family book” printable for fun kids activity. Your child can draw a picture of the whole family and answer questions to customize it.


Families come in all types and numbers. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one thing they all should have in common … LOVE! Let’s celebrate your family by making this adorable family book!

Your kids will be able to get creative as they draw and write answers to some questions. The book can be customized with your child’s drawing of themselves, their siblings, favorite foods and much more. Who knows? Maybe you’d even get to find out something about you and your family you didn’t know already!

Let’s make a family book!

The “Family and Me” pack asks kids to draw a picture of the whole family, themselves, their favorite food, toy, animal, color and write down their name, what they like about themselves and what you do together as a family.

This pack has quite a few pages!

We have a pack for mom, dad, brother and sister so just print the ones you need! You can mix and match them to get just the family members you need (works for all families!).

They all ask the kids to draw their family members, draw their favorite food and a few other things, write down their name and what they like the most about that family member.

Finally, once you have the whole family “done” you can bind this book (even laminate it) and have it as a keepsake. You could make this activity yearly and keep track of how your family, or better yet how the view of your kid on your family changes over time.


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Photo: Mia Setyawan

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