Empowering children around the world

Edition 23: Grit

In this issue:

Gritty bunch (Jen Bricker – Aerialist and speaker), Eloise Wellings (Dual Olympian and Love Mercy founder) and Jarryd Burns (Thankyou Co-founder).

LEADERSHIP: Three steps to develop grit (Tim Elmore – Growing Leaders)

FATHERHOOD: The benefit of calluses (Randell D. Turner – Child and Family therapist)

COOK: Stuffed Tamagoyaki recipe (Desi Trisnawati – Masterchef Indonesia 2012)

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for the gritty ones

Motivational comic strips for kids:

Resilience (Words by Randell D. Turner – Child and Family therapist)

Focus (Words by Sheri Brynard – Teacher, Speaker and Down syndrome advocate)

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