Edition 19: DREAM BIG

In this issue:

LEADERSHIP: Three requirements of big dreams (Tim Elmore – Growing Leaders)

INSPIRE: Big dreamers. Interviews with Poppy Starr Olsen (Pro Skateboarder), Hilde Lysiak (Journalist and author) and Brandon and Sebastian Martinez (Kidpreneurs, Are You Kidding founders)

FATHERHOOD: Give your kids space to dream (Carey Casey – The National Center for Fathering)

COOK: Indonesian stuffed pancake recipe (Desi Trisnawati – Masterchef Indonesia 2012)

PRINTABLE: Christmas letters tracing and multiplication worksheets (Andreja Vucajnk – Itsy Bitsy Fun)

POEM: “The goalpost in the distance” by Atricia Bodhiwan

Handmade for kids and Weekly giveaways to celebrate Kids Nation magazine’s birthday



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