Empowering children around the world
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"Sticks and Stones" by Dr. Michelle Watson. "What my dad taught me" by Anthony Ianni. Gifts of

"You are valuable" by Melissa Ohden. Stories of adoption by Ivey Ketterer, Rodrigo Ketterer and Mylee Yager.

"Influencing the world with love" by Jessica Courtney. "Two choices that turn kids into influential leaders" by

"Gritty bunch" by Jen Bicker, Eloise Wellings and Jarryd Burns about overcoming challenges. "Three steps to develop

"Lies vs Truth" by Sharon Witt. "How to use your speech to build up your children" by

"Self esteem" by Tim Elmore. "Fat is not a feeling" by Lee Wolfe Blum. "Love yourself" by

"The power of long term vision" by Tim Elmore. Goal setting tips from Jess Ekstrom, Lisa Luce

"Three requirements of big dreams" by Tim Elmore. Interviews with Poppy Starr Olsen, Hilde Lysiak, Brandon and

"Bravery in asking for help" by Jared Wolf. Courage stories by Sarah Stump, Tessy Ojo, Jaylen Arnold,

Interviews with Justine Flynn, Mallory Fundora, Nancy Lublin, Katie Driscoll. "The story of a young abolitionist" by